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Onsen Hot Pools Queenstown: Your Ultimate Guide

Onsen Hot Pools based in Queenstown is without a doubt one of the best hot pools in New Zealand. Overlooking the Shotover River, the view is unbeatable whether night or day. You’re treated to complimentary drinks and snacks whilst you soak in the 38.5-degree hot pool water looking out at the mountains around you. The water comes from the surrounding mountains which you can top up throughout your 60-minute stay. The fresh cold water shoots from the ceiling into the hot pool at the push of a button; even filling up your tub here is a unique experience! The music is peaceful, enhancing the mood and adding to the spa-like experience. No matter the day you’ve had, coming here takes you into a whole new world of relaxation. So now you want to visit, here’s your guide to Onsen Hot Pools, Queenstown.

Where is Onsen Hot Pools?

Onsen Hot Pools is just a 10-minute drive from Queenstown centre. The exact location is 162 Arthurs Point Road, Arthurs Point, 9371. It’s a really easy drive and there are spaces to park behind ‘The Picture Framing’ shop when you pull in or on the main road nearby.

If you don’t have a car, you can take an Uber, cab or use the complimentary shuttle from central Queenstown, you can see all the details here.

Once you’re parked up, you need to walk down some stairs/a ramp to the entry. Top tip, don’t climb Roy’s Peak the day before as we did, those stairs felt like the devil!

Girl Onsen Hot Pools Queenstown

When is the best time to visit Onsen Hot Pools?

There definitely isn’t a bad time to visit Onsen Hot Pools, the views are beautiful no matter the season or the time you visit. I went in March and although the weather had been miserable, the views were stunning. We purposely booked a slot around sunset to see the transition from day to night. I also wanted the lanterns which are only out for sunset bookings or later so keep that in mind. However, I’d love to go back and see the hot pools at night when the stars are at their fullest. I’d also love to visit during winter and see the snow, imagine how stunning that would be! For predicted weather and sunset times, I used this website.

What can you do at Onsen Hot Pools?

There are various experiences at Onsen Hot Pools which I’ve detailed below. For all options, you’re given a choice between a glass of wine, beer or juice, and ice cream, crisps or chocolate, all complimentary. We chose wine and chocolate and it was the cherry on top of an incredible day.

I’d imagine the most common option is the ‘Original Onsen’ which lasts for 1-hour for 1-4 people. This is the experience my boyfriend and I chose and we loved it. The ‘Outdoor Onsen’ is very similar and the only difference is that these tubs are fully outside whereas the original onsens are inside with a retractable roof.

‘The Ultimate Relaxation Experience’ lasts 2-3 hours and is for 1-2 people. It includes 45 minutes in an original tub followed by a face or body spa treatment.

The ‘Serenity Soak & Spa’ option includes 45 minutes in an oval private tub with bath scents/salts followed by a spa treatment. This is for 1-2 people only.

Onsen Hot Pools Queenstown

How much does Onsen Hot Pools cost?

  • Original Onsen & Outdoor Onsen – $87.50 NZD for one adult for a daytime session or $107.50 for the evening. However, the more people you go with, the cheaper it is if you split the cost, with the total for 4 adults in the daytime being $212 NZD. The price per child is $32.50.
  • The Ultimate Relaxation Experience – costs vary from $220 NZD to $435. More information can be found here.
  • Serenity Soak & Spa – costs vary from $240 NZD to $555. More information can be found here.

What to pack for Onsen Hot Pools?

You don’t need to take much, as most things are provided for you. This is what I packed:

  • Swimwear
  • A hairbrush
  • Toiletries for if you want to wash your hair after. Showers and hairdryers are provided
  • I packed a towel but you don’t need to, they offer complimentary towels
  • Your phone/camera – you want to be able to look back at this and remember the serenity
  • A change of clothes if you don’t want to get back into the clothes you were wearing

How to book Onsen Hot Pools?

It’s very easy to book, just go online here for details if you want to call, email or you can select ‘Book’ in the top right hand corner.

Onsen Hot Pools are super popular and is usually booked all year round so book early to make sure you don’t miss out! I’m sure there are last-minute spots but if you’re anything like me, you won’t want to risk it.

Girl at Onsen Hot Pools Queenstown

What else can I do in Queenstown?

There is so much to do in Queenstown! It’s known as the adventure town of New Zealand and for good reason. Whether you want to skydive with NZone as we did, eat a Fergburger, visit the skyline and luge or stop for incredible food at Bespoke Kitchen.

Where should I stay in Queenstown?

There’s such a range of places to stay in Queenstown to suit any budget. My recommendations to try out are:

Queenstown Top 10 Holiday Park, great for campervans and apartments. Queenstown Holiday Park & Motels and Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park have similar facilities and prices.
Alternatively, there’s a lot of hostels all around the city. Otherwise, try Airbnb.
I always love Airbnb for mid-range prices. I like exploring locations, having a private space and enjoying someone else’s home.

There are so many incredible luxury places to stay in Queenstown. I haven’t visited any myself yet but top on my list is Matakuri Lodges followed by Azur Lodge and Aspen House.

So, that’s my take on Onsen Hot Pools Queenstown, your ultimate guide. I hope this is helpful and let me know if you visit. If you have any other questions, leave a comment below.

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